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About Zar Group

Zar Group, confident of the potential of its country and with the effective 30-year support of its founder, established its infrastructure in 1980 and in 1998, the company officially started working in this industry. Then, in 2003, semolina flour production lines were launched for the first time in Iran.

At the same time, with the development of flour factory, Zarmakaron factory was launched in 2005 and due to the increase in demand for quality products and reasonable prices compared to foreign competitors, it was able to gain an effective share in domestic markets, which itself revolutionized the Iranian pasta industry market. Was. Within 5 years, due to increasing market demand, production capacity increased tenfold and the lines improved significantly. In 2015, a fructose (liquid sugar) factory was established. The raw material of this product is corn and so far all gold products are based on grain processing.

Zar Business Groups

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Agriculture industry




Food industry






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Zar Group subsidiaries

Zar Macaron
Zar Oil
Zar Flour
Zar Fructose
Noushin saz
Zar Green
Zar Pakhsh
Zar Tarabar Iranian
Zar Negar Paytakht

Zar Macaron

Zar Macaron industry was launched in 2006. The high demands of the products and presenting them in a reasonable price comparing to other pasta factories led Zar Macaron to make a revolution in the industrial market of pasta in Iran.

Value Creation


Entrepreneurship with Zar Group

Zar Group has played a major role in entrepreneurship by creating value, following opportunities, taking risks and make various strategies. It has also taken a big step in growth via long-term cooperating with related industries. 


Organizational sustainability with Zar Group

Zar Group has established a stable supply chain and completed the production cycle through rail transportation. The group also plays an important role in production by establishing a center for growth and innovation and participating in research and national activities.

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Golden supply chains

From farm to your dining table

Zar Group's exclusive distribution system has access to the most important areas of international trade and plays the role of a dry port. Have access to railways and freeways and customs are unique features of this system.


Full commitment to ethics and social responsibility

Zar Group has participated in social activities such as providing packages to Jazmurian children, producing PKU products for phenylketonuria patients, water revitalization plan and biogas production plan to improve the quality of life of the community. Zar group considers serving the poor and protecting the environment a duty.