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Research and Development

Research and Development


The organization puts in in great deal ‏ effort ‏ use and distribute knowledge. We believe the things that make us extraordinary is concentrating on organizational research. It is based on developing the function of knowledge management.

The center of growth and innovation of Zar group

The center of growth has obtained the permission from vice president of Science and Technology it has started its activities in 1396. This center has been established to expand and promote food industry science so as to increase science and technology at the level of the group which Leads it to improve its goals produce products and services based on knowledge with high added value. Overall, all the activities that are related to innovation from inspiration of ideas to preparation of processes are performed in an internet internal format the results of which is the production of innovative and new products and services.

This center can be considered one of the biggest units of R&B in food industry in the whole country produce many new products for the first time in Iran.


Zar groups mission is to provide innovative products worldwide.


Zar group has the permission from the vice president of science and technology

The purpose is to develop food industry and to increase knowledge based economy


Close cooperation with the country's academic centers

Such as the National Institute of Nutrition and Research

Publishing specialized books and articles, providing specialized consulting and supervisory services (scientific, research and technical services) to master and PhD students, including dissertation counseling and statistical consulting.


Developing new products, generating ideas and implementing national outlines

Review and production of knowledge-based products with high technology level, Procurement of raw materials, Various experiments and the possibility of production on a pilot scale, Signing a memorandum and participation in national projects with the Food and Drug Administration Research Center


Organizing training courses and seminars

The most important activities of Zar Innovation and growth center are mentioned below:

  1. Concluding a memorandum and conducting national research projects with government organizations (Food and Drug Administration Research Center, Standard Research Institute and University Growth Centers) so as to promote and update the country's laws, the relationship between academia and industry, benefit and support the plans of researchers, scholars, students and Close cooperation with the country's academic centers, such as the National Nutrition Research Institute
  2. Publishing scientific-research articles in national and international journals
  3. Providing specialized consulting and supervisory services (scientific, research and technical services) to master and PhD students, including dissertation counseling and statistical consulting.
  4. Providing a think tank and directing the idea of experts in areas related to the activities of the organization
  5. Implementing research projects with organizations and research centers
  6. Attending university conferences and gatherings
  7. Holding meetings with start-up businesses so as to attract expert and creative workforce
  8. Developing Products and increasing the high value-added products based on knowledge


Cooperation with scientific and academic authorities

Concluding memoranda of understanding and contracts with scientific research centers, research institutes, universities, partner laboratories, etc. shows the commitment to continuous improvement of products and production technology of Zar Group:


  • Iran Association of Food Science and Industry
  •  Alborz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Special execution of nanotechnology development
  • Food Science and Technology Research Institute
  • Office of Community Nutrition Improvement of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • General Department of Technical and Vocational Education of Alborz Province
  • Agriculture Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII)
  • Trabiat Modares University
  • Specialized Association of Research and Development Centers of Industries and Mines
  • Sports Medicine Federation
  • Iranian Grain Science and Technology Association
  • National Nutrition & Food Technology Research Institute
  • Alborz Elite Foundation
  • Sharif University of Technology - Deputy of Research and Technology