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Zar Group

For more than 30 years, we have been committed to bringing the true pleasure of authentic food to your table with a combination of knowledge and experience and the use of expert human energy. We are the guardians of food security. Therefore, we always try to make food with the best quality and the most reasonable price available to all consumers from all social classes in the shortest time.

Zar Group, with the launch of the largest pasta and pasta production site in the region, is known as the second-largest producer of pasta and pasta in the world and has a 70% share of the domestic market and an 80% share of pasta exports. Relying on the ability and expertise of young human resources to implement development programs to achieve a more worthy position in the world food industry and trade, this industrial group has established the first knowledge-based refinery in the country called Ghalat Zar Refinery. Therefore, a "High Tech" product from the family of natural sweeteners based on corn, emphasizing the three benefits of quality, health, and economic efficiency, entered the Iranian and world markets. Before exploiting this project, this product was included in the list of products.

It has been imported to the country. But now these knowledge-based products are among the country's export products. Role-playing as a dry port, location at the transit intersection, access to the national rail network, and mechanized storage tanks with high capacity are among the unique features of the Gold Refinery. Also, this refinery has been able to have a high position among consumers by different production methods in separating corn germ and supplying the best raw materials, and as a result, offering corn germ oil as a profitable and multi-purpose product.

Time and HR
Knowledge and Technology
Time and HR
Knowledge and Technology
Values of Zar Group

Our History

Zar Group's history from the beginning till now:

Zar Industrial Machineries
1980Zar Industrial Machineries
Zar Flour Co. establishment
1998Zar Flour Co. establishment
Zar Semolina Co.
2003Zar Semolina Co.
Zar Macaron Co.
2005Zar Macaron Co.
Zar Storage Silos Co.
2007Zar Storage Silos Co.
Zar Macaron Extension x10
2010Zar Macaron Extension x10
Zar Logistic Co. establishment
2011Zar Logistic Co. establishment
Zar Grain Refinery Co. (Fructose) establishment
2014Zar Grain Refinery Co. (Fructose) establishment
Exclusive railway construction
2014Exclusive railway construction
Zar Distribution Co. establishment
2015Zar Distribution Co. establishment
Zarkam Confectionary Co. Project
2017Zarkam Confectionary Co. Project
Glucosan 1970 with 51% Stock Share
2018Glucosan 1970 with 51% Stock Share
Zar Macaron Co. entering to Iran Stock Market
2020Zar Macaron Co. entering to Iran Stock Market
Establishing Sales and Marketing Co.
2020Establishing Sales and Marketing Co.
Zar Fructose Entering to Iran Stock Market
2021Zar Fructose Entering to Iran Stock Market

Our Mission

The products of Zar Group are based on people needs; our products are for all people of the society with different tastes. We have also focused our efforts to provide available, safe and useful products to our customers in order to play a role in improving the quality and lifestyle of the people.

Our Vision

Our vision is global thinking through entrepreneurship, entering new markets, creating and adhering to values that we can ultimately spread by creating Corporate Governance.

Our Awards

 National top industrial unit, 2020
logo National top industrial unit, 2020
Superior Taste award, 2011
logoSuperior Taste award, 2011
Health supporter award, 2021
logoHealth supporter award, 2021
National Brand award, 2016
logoNational Brand award, 2016
Amin-ol-Zarb award, 2017
logoAmin-ol-Zarb award, 2017
Iranian top brand golden statue, 2020
logoIranian top brand golden statue, 2020
"National Production, National Honor" award, 2020
logo"National Production, National Honor" award, 2020
"Health-Oriented Industry" award, 2020
logo"Health-Oriented Industry" award, 2020
Top industrial unit, 2007
logoTop industrial unit, 2007
"Top Provincial Entrepreneurs" award, 2010
logo"Top Provincial Entrepreneurs" award, 2010
Pasta industry leading unit, 2015
logoPasta industry leading unit, 2015