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The result of the creative innovations and ideas of the researchers working in Zar Groups R & D unit led to new inventions and discoveries which prove the development of the new products, improvement of production process, higher productivity, improvement of the products quality, etc.

Despite the fact that the protection of intellectual property of innovations and inventions is necessary and a key matter, researchers have gone a step further and realized the potential of commercialization of inventions. Exploitation of new products and advanced technologies so as to commercialize, requires having a set of technological capabilities and abilities with an integrated management system, full knowledge of different markets, etc. and Zar Industrial Group has the benefit of having all the potentials.

Zar Macaron Industrial Company has 12 patent certificates from the Iranian Property and Deeds Registration Organization (Judiciary) and 5 patent validation certificates from the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology).

Producing pasta with barley flour
Pasta with wheat sprout flour
Producing probiotic pasta
Production process of pasta with rice flour and gluten-free corn starch
Nanocurcumin enriched pasta
Invention of pesto sauce formulation and production process
Production of pasta for athletes (fitness pasta) using biological sources of protein
Formulation and production of low protein pasta with low phenylalanine for phenylketonuria patients
Production of multi-grain pasta using different grain flours and legumes
Production of pasta for children
Enriched pasta containing processed bran with smoky taste
Formulating and producing vegan pasta

Validation of the invention

  • Production of pasta with barley flour
  • Production of prebiotic pasta
  • Pasta with wheat sprout flour
  • Production of pasta with rice flour and gluten-free corn starch
  • The process of production and formulation of pesto sauces